Our Founders

Apostle JR and Pastor Deanna Gonzalez founded Dominion Life Center in 2004.  JR has a bachelor’s degree from Oral Roberts University. Deanna is passionate about seeing God’s purpose established. Together they form a dynamic power couple for the Kingdom of God!
As founders of Dominion Life Center, JR and Deanna Gonzalez have developed the reputation of “that your blessing is on the other side of your obedience.” Through trials and life experiences, they are able to empower others with the knowledge and love of God in a way that is both accessible and relatable. They desire that every person experiences Christ’s love like never before. They faithfully know that “He is no respecter of person” and “whosoever” believes in Him can be loved, healed, and transformed no matter where you are in life.

Our Vision

Equipping and empowering people through the Five-fold ministry to transform the culture by establishing His kingdom.

Our Mission

To build a governing church through Apostolic and Prophetic strategy to live the Dominion Lifestyle that influences and impacts the world. Dominion is cultivated by developing a relationship with Christ through prayer, biblical impartation, worship, discipleship and community involvement.

Our Core Values

  • Love – Foundation of all ministries; strengthens hope, releases power, activates growth, and increases faith.
  • Diversity – Relationships with people from all races and backgrounds as an important element in the Kingdom of God.
  • Integrity – Priority placed on being people of godly character, spirit, soul, and body.
  • Growth – Progression and development vital to the overall health of the individual, family, and community.
  • Passion – Strong and overwhelming desire to encounter and manifest Jesus Christ on every level of access and in every dimension of life.
  • Unity – Corporate anointing activated and released through the power of agreement for transformation.
  • Evangelism – Demonstrating the power of the good news in every dimension of community through outreach, humanitarian efforts, and collaboration with diverse organizations.